The Death of Affiliate Marketing on Google? Not So Fast.

By | April 18, 2023


Affiliate marketing on Google has been a lucrative business for years, but a recent video by Matt Diggity argues that it’s becoming impossible due to Google’s algorithm updates. While it’s true that traditional affiliate marketing strategies may no longer work, there are still ways to succeed as an affiliate on Google.

The Problems with Traditional Affiliate Marketing on Google

The video discusses the challenges of traditional affiliate marketing on Google, such as Google’s product review updates and core algorithm updates. These updates have made it difficult for affiliates to rank for high-traffic keywords, especially when competing against big sites like Healthline or CNET that have already covered those keywords. As a result, many affiliates have seen a significant decrease in their traffic and revenue.

A New Approach: Topical Authority

A new approach to making money with affiliate SEO is to build topical authority. This means creating comprehensive content that establishes the affiliate’s expertise in a particular niche. Affiliate marketers can use a tool like Answer the Public to identify all the topics related to their target audience and create content that covers those topics in-depth. By doing so, they can establish themselves as a trusted authority in their niche and attract quality traffic from long-tail keywords.

Several affiliates have used this strategy successfully. They create high-quality content that covers a broad range of topics related to their niche, rather than focusing on a few high-traffic keywords. This approach helps them attract traffic from a variety of long-tail keywords and build a loyal target audience that trusts their recommendations.

Other Strategies for Successful Affiliate Marketing on Google

Besides building topical authority, other strategies can help affiliates succeed on Google. These include targeting long-tail relevant keywords, building backlinks from reputable sources, running Google Ads and leveraging social media to drive traffic. By targeting long-tail keywords, affiliates can attract traffic from less competitive keywords that are still relevant to their niche. Building backlinks from reputable sources can help improve their site’s authority and increase rankings. Finally, leveraging social media can help drive organic traffic to their affiliate links and build a loyal following.


Affiliate marketing on Google is not dead, but it requires a new approach. Traditional strategies may no longer work, but building topical authority and targeting long-tail keywords can help affiliates succeed in today’s competitive landscape. By using a long-term mindset and adapting to Google’s changing algorithms, affiliates can continue to succeed and provide valuable content that increases conversion rate and affiliate revenue.

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