William Jones SEO – Local SEO Complete Walkthrough

By | April 21, 2023

William Jones SEO – Complete Local SEO Walkthrough

Are you a local business struggling to rank on search engines and increase your online visibility? Look no further! William is a self-taught business owner and SEO expert.

In this Local SEO Complete Walkthrough video by William Jones SEO (owner of Rank Fortress), you’ll get an in-depth audit of a butcher shop’s website and learn valuable tips on how to improve your local SEO.

Local SEO Overview with William Jones SEO

In the video, Jones walks through the butcher shop’s website and suggests several improvements to increase its online visibility and rankings. He recommends adding the Google My Business listing, testimonials, review section, and location page on the website. Jones also suggests using a plugin for checking the website’s core vitals and fixing technical details to improve performance.

On-page SEO

Jones points out that the butcher shop’s website is lacking in on-page SEO. He suggests adding a blog section to the website and optimizing the headers. Jones recommends using only one H1 header and adding location-specific keywords to the title and headers.

Technical SEO

The butcher shop’s website also has issues with technical SEO. Jones recommends fixing the website’s performance issues to pass core vitals. He also suggests taking care of the website’s technical details, including page speed, on-page SEO, and technical SEO. Jones offers to send a detailed report on the technical issues that need to be addressed or provides services to fix them.

Online Visibility

The butcher shop’s online visibility is not great, and Jones suggests expanding its reach by ranking in a five-mile radius, ten-mile radius, and so on. He offers to help improve the ranking for a cost of $800 per month. This service includes managing the Google My Business listing, responding to reviews, and getting new reviews.


If you’re a local business struggling with your online visibility and search engine rankings, Jones’ Local SEO Complete Walkthrough video is a must-watch. His detailed audit of a butcher shop’s website provides valuable insights and suggestions on how to improve your local SEO. Jones offers services to help you improve your online visibility and search engine rankings and provides valuable resources to help you get started. Rank Fortress is far from your average SEO agency. As a Philippines-Based SEO expert, Rank Fortress provides white labelled SEO services to other SEO agencies throughout the USA.